February 2, 2019

Unique Information on Lanyards


A Lanyard is like a tool, cheap but very effective. Apart from wearing around the neck or to promote a business, these are a few interesting facts about lanyards.

  • History – For over 600 hundred years, lanyards have existed. Previously during early 1400’s, lanyards were used to hold items like whistles, guns and swords. Today, they are more than that.
  • Term – The word ‘Lanyard’ originated from France called ‘Laniere’. This term ‘Laniere’ is nothing but ‘Strap’.
  • Collection – Every one of us love collecting stamps, badges, coins etc. There’s a saying where an Austrian citizen set a record of collecting more than 3000 lanyards in November 2014. It’s 2019, you can imagine how many lanyards he may have collected by now.
  • Record –A certain individual set a world record for wearing 300 plus lanyards during a festival held in America.
  • Evolution – Lanyards are known to carry our ID’s and other small household items. With the help of technology, lanyards are now coming up with mobile chargers via USB.
  • Fashion – Lanyards can give a certain style and personality to an individual when worn.
  • Versatile – Lanyards come with certain versatile. You can add a bottle opener to it to open beer bottles that are also used in the bar industry and other festivals.

If you want something personalized, then you can try ordering custom lanyards online for a better discount.

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