February 4, 2019

Retractable Patio Awnings For A Fabulous Patio

A terrace awning is just one of these items that provide a wonderful touch of class to your outdoor terrace space.

Some folks have roofs built over their patios and those are great for all kinds of weather and in some situations, those patio covers are the kind that absolutely makes the most sense. 

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Patio awnings are available in a variety of fashions and a few are made from aluminum such as those created by Alum wood. These are in either free standing or connected versions and may be found on the internet in the majority of the large online patio retailers.

Other terrace awnings come in polycarbonate panels that are held at a non-rusting aluminum framework and permit the sunlight to brighten up your terrace from overhead.

The most famous of them is likely the Sun setter brand. This type of awning is put across the side of your residence and an aluminum framework supports the canopy of the awning itself.

In some versions, the arms affirm the canopy such as a wall mount supports a shelf and others the retractable arms as the awning moves from the wall to offer shade.

The aluminum frame is securely attached to aluminum arms which move through a series of small motors and allow the patio canopy to extend from the house out over the patio area.

And then when you need less shade on your patio they retract back against the side of your home. Simple, elegant and they look great.

And some models even come with remote controls so you never have to disturb your guests when its time for more or less sunshine on your patio.


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