November 19, 2018

You Shouldn’t Build an Ozone Generator at Home

Building anything can be a fun, interesting way to spend your time. It can be an enjoyable, constructive activity, whether it’s to help yourself or someone else. However, there are some things you shouldn’t take into your own hands. Some things require a lot of power and electricity going through it, including ozone generators.

If you’re thinking about making an ozone generator at home, you may want to think again. Ozone generators are powerful machines that supply enough energy into the oxygen around it to charge them. When they’re charged, they take an additional oxygen molecule, making ozone. This is where the danger lies, as says.

Because it has to use this energy, homemade ozone generators usually have to have a strong, exposed spark to charge the oxygen molecules around it. This is extremely dangerous, considering it is a fire hazard. Not only that, but you can electrocute yourself as well. Ozone is dangerous enough as it is, considering it is harmful to living things.

Humans, pets, and plants can be negatively affected by ozone. Humans can get respiratory problems, while pets can get sick from it. Plants will simply wilt from the exposure to ozone. While not being able to be around the homemade ozone generator, you won’t be able to watch it to make sure nothing catches on fire.

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