January 23, 2019

Do Bed Bugs Like Memory Foam Mattresses?

If you have been thinking about buying a new mattress, there are a lot of different reasons to get one made of memory foam. It will definitely be more comfortable than a mattress made with cotton filling or any of the old fashioned types with buttons and lots of seams.

Memory foam mattresses are also less likely to harbor dust mites and other allergens that people don't like. A lot of people are also interested to know whether a memory foam mattresses can repel or be less subject to become infested by bed bugs.

While a memory foam mattress can still get invaded by bed bugs, it might be a little harder for the nasty creatures to actually get inside to the foam itself. One reason for this is that usually the foam mattress will be covered with a removable casing that can be washed. There is usually no tufts or thick outside seams for bed bugs to lay their eggs and hide. If the casing gets a rip or tear, then bed bugs can potentially invade the foam that way.

If you want to learn even more about bed bugs and memory foam mattresses, you could visit some other sites like Luxury of the Pharaohs. You can find a lot more information about why memory foam is the best mattress on the market today and how it could be less likely to get bed bugs.

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