November 21, 2018

Simple Process for Drug Testing

It’s based on the biological specimen being tested, the methodologies change. However, the most basic process for drug testing follows a few certain steps. Firstly, the sample obtained is checked to make certain no tampering or harm has happened.

Second, the sample must be prepared for testing. Preparation is not always required for fluid samples but hair, by way of instance, needs to be washed and the keratin inside the sample broken down.

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Following the specimen is prepared, it undergoes a screening and if it tests positive to a suspected substance, a confirmation test is necessary. This final test is more precise and involves mass spectrometry.

A closer look at drug testing with Hair

Hair testing is often the best and accurate means of testing to get a substance. This is due to its long discovery window: as the rate of hair growth is so slow (just 1cm a month).

A 3cm specimen of hair may be used to determine drug use for as far back as three months. Hence, hair has a far wider time window than that of urine or oral fluid:-

Chemicals that are revived and passed out of the entire body in short time intervals. A hair strand test can be used to find for many drugs, including Amphetamine, Cannabis, Ketamine, LSD, Methadone and Tramadol.

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