February 9, 2019

What Supplements To Give Your Horse?

People who ride horses for a considerable amount of time will agree that during winter you have got to take particular care of your horse.

First of all during the cold and wet months of winter grazing conditions are not perfect and most of the horses don't get as many vitamins and minerals as their bodies need and they end up suffering from nutrient deficiency.

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This results in weight loss, poor condition and in general horses don't look as great as they do in the warmer periods of the year.

In addition to this cold and wet weather conditions create conditions that are perfect for harmful bacteria to strive. These harmful microorganisms cause infections such as mud fever and as a horse owner, you need to do whatever you possibly can to make sure that your horse does not get an infection.

Under normal conditions, your horse's skin acts as a protective barrier that prevents harmful organisms from entering your horse's system, yet once the protective barrier gets damaged, harmful organisms can easily enter your horse's system.

Use different types of products to make sure that your horse does not suffer from nutrient deficiency and to reduce the chance of your horse getting infected with mud fever.

Feed balancers for horses are just like multi-vitamin supplements for humans. They are packed with all of the essential vitamins and minerals that a horse needs to be healthy and strong.

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